The first decentralized educational cartoon tv show token ecosystem! will build the first niche meme token DeFi ecosystem that will allow farming pools and IDO's for your favorite meme and community tokens.

$MARU will be the first token launched to kick off the ecosystem.

There will be a 10% slippage or tax fee that will reduce by 2% every week until it reaches 0% and ultimately becomes a farming token with 10x multipliers on exclusive pools and farms.

We are in talks with several meme tokens for partnerships already and have secured a few big names.

Why $RIYO??

Created by creators, the first ever TV show token. Riyoku is destined for greatness for its holders, fans and community. The community driven cryptocurrency with a goal to become a decentralized meme tv show that educates the public and helps spread awareness about cryptocurrency markets, best practices, terms, and defi.

We aim to release and air a TV show which has a contingent contract currently. Meanwhile, the community will be reaping rewards as we grow large enough to release the crypto related TV show.

Partnerships and other token ecosystems can reap benefits by being part of the main TV show helping them accumulate market share.

During the growth stage of there will be video clips released of the shows “beta” clips. These clips will be marketed on multiple social media platforms to introduce our main broadcasted show.

The utility for the $RIYO token is the governance of the platform and the ability to accumulate rewards through the Riyoku DeFi platform. Riyoku will specialize in meme token DEX, launchpad and yield farming. $RIYO token will release after the $MARU token has established it’s ground adding utility to our ecosystem.

Why $MARU?

$MARU will be our first token released on the DeFi ecosystem.

It’s core functions as a meme style token which evolves and is later on used for strategic yield farming.

$MARU token will have a 10x multiplier for meme token pools, with only the most exclusive pools available for farming with the $MARU token.

The contract has 10% slippage - 5% AMM liquidity, and a 5% redistribution for every transaction. This slippage will lower by 2% monthly.

The goal of the $MARU token will be to strengthen the RIYOKU ecosystem and build community while finalizing developments. This will allow its longevity while giving redistribution for holders who await the $RIYO platform release.

The tokens that will release during the future seasons will contain dividend, NFT / merch and gamification utility. They will have extremely low MCAP's and their own separate utility benefits.

Decentralized Community Token

$RIYO and $MARU are decentralized. Even though the team is taking the lead on its developments and growth, we will act as a pure DAO during its late roadmap stages.


We aim to create an entire ecosystem of unique community style tokens.

  • Riyoswap - DEX so you can swap in and out your favorite meme tokens!
  • Riyofarm - Farms for our community to yield farm their favorite meme tokens.
  • Riyopad - Low MCAP meme launchpad for new projects to launch on
  • RiyoPool - We are building out more pools and farms for you to farm your favorite meme tokens !

We’re here for the long run

We locked all dev funds and initial liquidity from the start to make sure our community is and feels safe and secure to trade and create a market of their own.

*Working on implementing a feature to prevent market manipulation created by whales*

Phase 1
Launch $MARU
  • Token creation
  • UI development
  • Community acceleration growth through marketing and influencers on various social media platforms
  • CMC Listing
  • CG Listing
  • Coinhunt listing
  • Blockfolio listing
  • Introduction video for
Phase 2
  • RiyoSwap
  • RiyoPad
  • RiyoFarms
  • Development of educational cryptocurrency videos
  • Press Releases
Phase 3
Viral Marketing Campaign
  • Integration of show and DeFI
  • Times Square Banner
  • Merchandise Store Release
  • CEX Listing
  • NFT Series Release